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Eden of the East

This Production IG anime has my attention. It’s one of the few anime with a completely original plot, and it’s pretty cool. What’s important I guess, is that it stays cool and doesn’t fall from promise like Xam’d did.

Set in modern day (without, surprisingly, any bizarre changes), Eden of East follows a girl sight-seeing in America who comes across a completely naked guy without any memories of himself, and only an unusually high-tech cellphone and a pistol in hand.

After a couple episodes in the US, the action shifts to Japan as Akira Takizawa (the former naked dude) tries to find out who he was, how he ended up where he did, and pretty much what the hell’s up. This wouldn’t sound so intimidating a concept in itself until you bring into the picture the possibility that Akira is a terrorist, and having committed mass murder, and that the situation he is in, is all a game.


A pretty screwy plot that’s still being unfolded (only 4 episodes so far, and I’ve finished 3). I love the visuals: Production IG means that the animation quality is top-notch and the OP and ED, while not particularly memorable tracks are the most visually beautiful I’ve ever seen (okay, the OP still only matches Ergo Proxy).


I see some Ghost in the Shell themes (the project is written and directed by Kenji Kamiyama, director of GitS), like heavy use of imagery and references. Probably the biggest reference to GitS is the Falling Man-style logo of what I think is the Sele├žao System (which is, I believe, the game.

The quote on it reads “The abuse of greatness is when it disjoints remorse from power“. Google tells me that’s Shakespeare, said by Brutus in Julius Caeser, to be precise. I’ve spotted a number of other literary references in the OP, most likely Shakespeare again (the only one I care to remember is “The King has come!” and something more).

One response

  1. slaaneshprince

    I watched the first episode over the weekend, I thought it was pretty good. Will probably watch more eventually.

    May 19, 2009 at 9:55 am

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