(not) made (so) undead (that) by (our) pop (music) culture (sucks)

La Planète sauvage


That was a pretty damned freaky movie. The most surreal film I’ve seen that wasn’t related to Luis Bunuel or Salvador Dali. Also probably the most psychedelic film I’ve seen.

I think the reason it appealed to me so much is because the setting of the movie is something I’ve pondered a lot as a kid myself and the movie captures that exactly as I’d imagined. What I’m babbling about is,

What if we humans, who enjoy trampling over ants and assorted insects, were subjected to the same treatment? What if there was a race of beings that belittled us and our intelligence, squishing us under their feet and gassing us out for ‘pest control’?

The opening scene in the movie is very striking: a woman with a baby is running in the wilderness when she confronts a large blue finger that doesn’t let her pass. It then flicks her away and toys with her by placing obstacles in her path. Eventually, the woman dies when she’s picked up and dropped from a height. The woman’s baby son, grows up to be the protagonist of this twisted movie.

What makes this movie what it is, however, has to be the killer animation style. It’s difficult to describe in a way, but it kind of reminds me of those safety posters they had in the 50s and 60s, with those weird kids with visible red blushes on their cheeks.

Then there’s the incredible surreal artwork; the world of La Planète sauvage is inhabited by bizarre creatures. I’m convinced that the movie’s production crew was high all the way through the production.

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