(not) made (so) undead (that) by (our) pop (music) culture (sucks)


Gravity, by Maaya Sakamoto on the Wolf’s Rain Soundtrack.

This is a very beautiful song, and easily one of my all-time anime soundtrack favourites. Yoko Kanno never disappoints! While I’m loving every bit of Wolf’s Rain’s background music (and am rather unsure about the opening), the ending is nothing short of perfection.

Been a long road to follow,
Been there and gone tomorrow,
Without saying goodbye to yesterday.
Are the memories I hold still valid,
Or hath the tears deluded them?

Maybe this time tomorrow,
The rain will cease to follow,
And the mist will fade into one more today.
Something somewhere out there keeps calling,

Am I going home?
Will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?
Zero gravity what’s it like?
Am I alone? Is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet?

Still the road keeps on telling me to go on.
Something is pulling me,
I feel the gravity of it all.

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