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Mortal Thoughts is meh.

So I saw Mortal Thoughts, a thriller/murder movie starring Demi Moore as the friend of a woman whose abusive husband is killed and the two women become the suspects. The first thing that I appreciate about the movie was its unsually storytelling style. Cynthia, the protagonist is being interrogated by detectives and is revealing the facts as she knows them. After a chunk of talking, the detectives counter her statements and try to get her to admit she was involved in the murder, which brings a different light on the developing story.

Additionally, half the movie takes place in flashbacks, and some of the twists in the story are cool because they are hinted at first in the interrogation, before the flashbacks detail them. Moore and Glenne Headly, who plays Joyce have performed pretty well, with their performances mirroring multiple layers across the story. Bruce Willis makes more of a cameo appearance than a full-fledged role, which doesn’t last more than a quarter of the movie. Still, he was very convincing and as the character required it – annoying.

The movie is pretty atmospheric, with a smooth pacing that grips you to it through the entire 102 minutes. I don’t recall being particularly bored at any point during the movie, which is surprising considering I would have turned off the TV had I known the somewhat generic premise. The movie chooses to make the experience multi-layered and sympathetic, as opposed to the usual murder dramas.

Not a bad movie overall, just not entirely satisfying. With its twist ending, it leaves a few loose threads, but that is bearable, I suppose. The movie ends appropriately enough and doesn’t leave you cringing for more, neither does it leave incomplete. Not a bad watch for a bored afternoon, but not a DVD I’d want to own.

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