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Taare Zameen Par

With recommendation from Sonali, I decided to watch Taare Zameen Par, one of the Aamir Khan’s few films to come out in this decade. And I came out pretty much impressed, well, more so than I had expected.

The movie revolves around Ishaan, a semingly normal boy who abhors studies and lives in a world of imagination that can perhaps only be rivalled by H.R. Giger. So, Ishaan lives in a world of hate, with just about the entire world yelling at him for every reason imaginable, from not doing his homework (a cause I support with every lethargic muscle in my body) to fighting with another kid to failing in the 3rd standard. His life was pretty much summed up by the following poster that was conveniently dropped before the release:

300 Zameen Par

Eventually, young Ishaan is thrown into a boarding school and we see him settle into depression, making way for Aamir Khan to walk in. The film, which does a startling job at realistically portraying urban school life goes downhill from here, as all the immersion wears off and you realize you’re watching a goddamned movie.

Darsheel Safary’s performance is as spectacular as it gets, and one of the best I’ve seen in any Hindi film so far. Aamir does a fine job too, albeit I would have preffered that he let a less famous actor take the role, since his presence tends to stand out in the film a little too much. In fact, the lack of familiar faces and the curt editing makes the first half brilliant, with the focus being on how young Ishaan views the world. In the second half, we see the world from Ram Nikumbh’s (that’s Aamir) perspective, and the changes he wishes to see in Ishaan.

The abrupt change of perspective did not go down well for me, as I could relate with a lot of incidences and situations Ishaan found himself in. I liked the soundtrack as well, although it doesn’t hold up in the second half either, with tracks that were either out of context or plain boring, while the first half has songs that perfectly fit in from an aesthetic point of view.

The movie is much better than I had expected, and shines light on the plight children face everyday (or at least I do, to some extent). It left me contentedly, and a little weary.

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  1. c pas bien aamir khan c un beau gosse n’empèche

    October 24, 2009 at 2:07 am

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