(not) made (so) undead (that) by (our) pop (music) culture (sucks)

Google’s new Experimental Search bores me.

Google Labs has come out with a variety of flavours for your Google Search, listed here in Google Experimental Search. I don’t find any of them particularly interesting, compared to the spartan and down-to-purpose classic Google search.

The timeline/map/additional info search sounds promising as a source of instant info. Still, it looks somewhat clumsy, especially the timeline view. It could be insanely useful if it is smoothened out, though.

Keyboard Shortcuts will, well, add shortcuts to your search – like Gmail. Don’t see much use here, since we’re all used to the classic mouse interface for Google. But the most important reason I resent it is, that I can’t seem to be able to shoot a result to the next tab. That sucks.

Left-hand search navigation is extremely similar to Clusty. If you ask me, it makes things cluttered and it personally isn’t a whole lot useful, except when you’re say, doing research. Oh, and they have a right-hand version, too.

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